ConfigMgr: Building a Basic LAB Environment

04-12-2020 5:39 PM


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In this series of blog posts I will walk you through a complete installation of a basic Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager LAB environment built on a Intel NUC 8i7BEH device.

It will be some relatively detailed step by step guides, which will include the following:

Part 1 - Installing Windows 10 (1909) on the Host

A review of the hardware specification and a walk-through of the Windows 10 (1909) installation, where I will demonstrate how to create disk partition by using a small script.

Part 2 - The Host and Hyper-V Configuration

Setting up the Hyper-V role and creating a NAT Virtual Switch by using PowerShell so that we can keep the LAB environment separate from the rest of the network, but still provide internet access to the VMs.

Part 3 - Setting up the Domain Controller

A walk-through of the Windows Server 2019 installation and we I will be setting up the Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS.

Part 4 - Setting up Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

A walk-through of the basic installation of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager including the SQL, Distribution Point and Management Point configuration.

Part 5 - Setting up Discovery Methods and Boundaries

Setting up discovery methods for users, systems etc. and configure boundaries and boundary groups.

Part 6 - Setting up Software Update Point

Setting up the site system role for Software Update Point and I will give you a walk-through of the maintenance configuration for SQL and WSUS.

If you have any questions regarding these topics, feel free to reach out to me. I am most active on Twitter!

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